Almost fifty years ago a few young esoteric mathematicians brought to the world the intellectual milestone of public/private key cryptography, which over the last decades has taken society into cyberspace, enabling e-commerce, and assembling e-reality. When public/private cryptography was still an academic curiosity, a not so young physicist, Richard Feynman…

How many times did you read the term “superposition”, “entanglement”, and “decoherence”? The more you read, the greater the mystery. Do you get the suspicion that quantum mavens enjoy your bewilderment?

The naked truth is that quantum physics, unlike Newtonian physics, is a humble one. Newton told us what is…

Everything you are busy innovating right now is similarly attracting innovators from around the globe. People you never heard of wrestle with the very same innovative challenge you rub your own brain against. There is an invisible competition of wit and creativity, where the clock is the final arbiter.


BitMint - AI Powered Cyber Innovation

AI powered innovation. Quantum Cyber. Digital Money. Cyber Chemistry. 28 granted US Patents. Researcher, Designer, Teacher, Novelist.

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