AI Assisted Innovation: The Grand Vision for a Better World

We dig ourselves out of holes and extend our reach way and beyond on the power of human innovation. Had we managed to accelerate our innovation we would reach the promised land a day earlier. But we can — a carefully crafted methodology now identified universal patterns for the innovation process, and used these patterns as raw feed into a strong AI engine, powered by deep supervised and unsupervised learning that works like a co-innovator for the human innovator. Imagine a smart cohort to discuss with what you are trying to solve, find, build right now? What a productive dialogue it would be? And the AI partner does not take days off, and ready when you are.

No sooner will this concept shake up the inertia bound powers that be, and innovation across the board will pull humanity way ahead, leaving fewer and fewer unsolved problems behind. Global Warming only looks daunting because we failed to think our solutions out of the box, same with hunger, diseases, and all sorts of human misery.

I have written a chapter in the just published book — you can read it online:

I teach some elements of this new thinking in a course with the American Chemical Society:

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I practice what I preach. The result: being granted 7–8 patents a year.