Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation

Everything you are busy innovating right now is similarly attracting innovators from around the globe. People you never heard of wrestle with the very same innovative challenge you rub your own brain against. There is an invisible competition of wit and creativity, where the clock is the final arbiter.

To hold your own in this race, you better make good use of the new application of artificial intelligence: partnering with your creativity to accelerate your drive on the innovation highway. Stay ahead!

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation — AIAI — builds for you an innovation framework, casting in your favor reams of relevant data, guiding your exploration through a logical construct known as The Innovation Turing machine, and assisting you via Monte Carlo style combinatorics and feasibility assessment.

Don’t be left out, become AI-assisted Innovator, hit the finish line first. AIAI has benefitted BitMint with a flood of technological innovations, many dozens of patents, and awards. You can self each yourself on

Or you can review the just published peer-reviewed book: AIAI — G. Samid


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