The Cash Register is back — In Your Phone, and in Your Bank Account

BitMint Financial Language writes money the same way in your e-wallet, and in your checking account; you move your money to your phone where it behaves like cash, and you deposit it in your bank account where it is payable through the bank. Convenient, Secure. That is the advantage of the BitMint Financial Language. It is the simplest way to write money so that like the dollar bill, it has a value and it has an identity. But unlike the dollar bill, the identity of the BitMint coin is digital — serving as a cyber hook for cryptographic means to identify the money as yours, and even to limit its use to what the payor intends for the money to do.

Let’s admit: the most popular digital coins are a cryptographic minefield, while money in your bank account is a number in a memory location. Why not — we asked — devise one optimal way to write money, and use it for cash-like digital coins, and for securing money in your bank accounts, allowing money to flow freely, cryptographically lubricated on our ever-expanding cyber railways.

BitMint tells bankers: finance today is handled by modern computers very much the way it was handled in the IBM 360 era. It’s time to use a new language for money, a unified language good for very large sums, and at cross border transactions, good for very small sums at Internet of Things payments, very good for very fast payments, and at the same time really optimal for investment portfolios, for saving accounts, for checking accounts, and for digital coins on your phone.

Take a step back and realize: the language of money should speak with a cyber accent! BitMint does.

Don’t think banking convenience and banking security as one issue, while considering digital money as another issue — think unified, think BitMint!

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