Trump, Soros, BitMint, and the New Era of “Spontaneous Demonstrations”

When we developed the protocol for a running phone wallet where you see your money grow on the screen, we did not have the imagination to foresee a client that would inquire about combining BitMint digital money with GPS data so that political demonstrators will be able to see real time how their political dispatcher pours money into their phone, for as long as they stay on location and add to the body count. But here we are. The money earned per every second of a protester-march shows up with running digits like in a gas pump (only that here the digits show money paid to you). Rates are adjustable to time of day, or night, day of the week, weather conditions, risk, etc. I guess we will soon have a new job description: “protester-for-hire”. People will advertise: “Available: I know how to look angry and be a victim of something; will protest any cause, will picket any line — for the right price”. “Hire me, and I will be pacing back and forth, chanting on demand, while watching the BitMint wallet screen on my mobile as the money pours in click, click, click!” Who said you need to build something, to fix something, to heal something to make an honest living? Modern payment technology will create a new profession: a spontaneous protester. Just another way President Trump stimulates the economy… For activists like Soros there was never such a perfect solution to insure that “demonstration encouragement capital” is used so directly, so efficiently, so fraud-free. BitMint money can flow from abroad, if so desired, accumulate on phones per their location, no record of the identity of the payee… We at BitMint, we are just the technology, don’t blame us!



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